Urban Canine

Have a well mannered dog to take to pet friendly places

Dogs living in the city need a variety of skills.


Your dog should walk nicely at your side with a variety of distractions.  Relax at your feet under tables, chairs and near a variety of food and entertainment. He should be able to ignore other dogs, come when called the first time, and sit for greeting people new and old.  Most importantly, to stay with you while you open doors, unlock cars and carry items. 


Would you like to take your dog out and about and be more confident he or she will be well mannered but still fun to be around?

Let us help you achieve your goals and have an urban canine you can be proud to take any place where well mannered dogs are invited. Stores, parks, trails, outdoor events and eateries and just strolling through downtown. You want your dog in your life, let us help you teach him the skills he needs to go with you just about anywhere.

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