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Seizure Alert Service Dogs

Epilepsy affects around 2 million people in the US of all ages. Of those, one third live with seizures which are not fully controlled by conventional AEDs. Having uncontrolled seizures can affect daily living greatly. A seizure alert dog can help a person with a seizure disorder by alerting others to their seizures, activate medical alert devices, and lie next to a person during and post seizure to ensure safety. They can retrieve medicine, phones, and even people. A sense of security is given when it is known that even an event with no one around will be alerted to, be it the middle of the park or the middle of the night. 

A seizure dog can both a great alert and a great response system for the handler. In some cases, as the bond between dog and handler grows, a dog can on occasion even self-learn to alert before a seizure happens.

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