"Begin with a common sense approach to dog obedience" - Larry and Dana Babb


Our Puppy Kindergarten classes are the perfect place to start if you are a first time dog owner or have not raised a puppy for several years. Puppy Class is intended for puppies between 10 and 20 weeks old . Older "Toy" breeds or smaller breed puppies are also welcome. The entire family is welcome to participate in their dog's training!

Since puppies LOVE to play, we offer a fun and active class that is geared to the younger puppy's activity levels and attention span. Through a series of Learning Games, your puppy will learn the proper way to play with adults, children and other pets... even cats! You will teach your puppy to come happily and willingly for love and attention, and most importantly, when you call. Your pup will also be learning NOT to chew on all of the wrong things, jump up on people (Unless invited to do so) or bark, bite or nip unnecessarily. Simple, dependable ways to prevent chewing and housebreak your pup will also be shown, and everyone get hands-on practice trimming toenails. Other subjects will include proper nutrition and grooming methods for your special friend.

You will soon find your puppy walking with you without pulling, laying down when told, sitting at the door and at street corners, and more importantly asking to go outside to go "Potty"!

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