Public Use | Open Floor Practice

An inexpensive way to work with your dog, outside of a group class

$10 per handler on the matted floor
$5 per handler on the Novice and PuppyGarten floors
$5 for agility equipment

Rules of Use

Must be a registered client of Paws-Abilities or an affiliated trainer, must be able to provide vaccination records, if requested.  Using agility equipment, you must have experience with the equipment.  You break it you pay for it.

Just like in a class environment or when practicing with your friends, participants will share the ring space and work together with other handlers to provide ample time and/or working area for each dog. Open Floor Practice means you’re not necessarily limited to the traditional 1-hour time-slot other facilities use.  Of course if no one else is there, you get the entire ring to yourself!

We take pride in our facility, therefore as a reminder, ALL handlers are expected to immediately clean-up ALL evidence of crumbs, dog messes, wrappers, etc. on the equipment, floor and immediate surrounding areas.

Paws-Abilities and it's partners are committed to creating a positive and proactive environment for both dogs and handlers. Anyone utilizing the facility is expected to do the same.

If a handler is unable to follow the above rules, they may be asked to leave, charged a clean-up fee or banned from further facility use without a refund.

Aggressive and/or reactive dogs will not participate in Open Floor Practice. However, we will happily work with you to arrange private ring time, if available and appropriate.

Anytime the floor is not reserved based on the schedules below, it is open for practice!

***The calendars below are accurate up to one week, for open practice hours, if you are looking to rent a floor for a meetup or event please  click here to learn more***

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