October 9, 2017

Dear Camp Dog Moms and Dads – 

We will be integrating into a new scheduling system that will combine the grooming salon and the camp for easier online scheduling. We expect to be fully integrated by November 1st.  

What does this mean? For the next few weeks you may start receiving text messages and/or emails to remind you of your reservation as the staff starts inputting current scheduled dogs. This system will also keep up with your dog’s vaccination schedule and any packages purchased. Packages: The new system will only allow “pre-payment credits” for Hourly Care. The Credit Schedule will be as follows
Buy 20 hours get 10% off each
Buy 50 hours get 15% off each
Buy 100 hours get 20% off each
Buy 150 hours get 25% off each
Buy 200 hours get 30% off each (equivalent to Full Day, 20 days)

Already purchased packages will be transferred to the equivalent credits, starting November 1st.  I have already included a link to the new reservation system on our website camp page if you would like to try it out. 

It's a new system so there is likely to be some glitches, if you find one please let us know! Thank you for being patient while we grow.

With much appreciation,

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