The Benefits of Owner-Trained Service Dogs Are Unbeatable!

Service Dog Training

At Paws-Abilities, we truly believe that owner-trained service dogs are the best because you've chosen the type of dog that you prefer. Many other programs simply assign you a dog, not taking into account either party's preference.  By allowing you to choose your own dog – as long as it has the proper temperament – we can help you train it to be a faithful and skilled service animal. 

Depending on the age of your dog, there are a few places where you and your dog can begin the journey of becoming a successful team.  We have trained hundreds of successful Service Dog Teams over the years and currently have more than 50 teams enrolled in our program.  Our facility is recognized by Madigan Army Medical Center, DSHS and the VA.

We have listed all the courses that we require to be certified as a Paws-Abilities Service Dog Team.  We require approximately 100-120 hours of classroom training, with approved or certified instructors, which is a major commitment. 

We understand that the program is not a short one, but we believe that once completed, you and your service dog will have all the skills necessary to become a successful team for years to come.

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