Obedience Changes Workshop for Exhibitors

AKC Obedience Changes Workshop

for the exhibitors

Learn what is new to the AKC Obedience regulations


With the approved regulation changes, effective May 1, 2018, this will be the last seminar available before the shows.


1. Cover major points in Chapters 1 & 2, as they pertain to ALL chapters.
2. Setting up the Ring (for future Judges, for those judging run-throughs at matches or classes, and for handlers in general):
A. Posting of required information at ringside for handler’s information.
B. Required marks in the ring to be aware of when showing.
C. Judge’s orders, directions & questions.
D. Learn when the scoring of the actual “exercise” starts and ends.
E. Learn what may be scored before, between or after an exercise.
F. Judging positions.
3. Demonstrations and Explanations --Reviewing the exercise about to take place in the ring.
A. Learn the Principal features & non-principal features of an exercise, plus judging observations of the dog and handler.
B. Review the Novice Foundation exercise(s) and the applications.
C. Review the Foundation exercises in the advanced classes (beyond Novice), plus learn how the Novice Foundation exercises still apply.
D. The before, between & after an exercise scoring will be covered.
E. A team (dog & handler) will be brought into the ring and demonstrate the exercise in its entirety. Bring some paper and a pencil to score along.
4. After the exercise is completed the audience will then discuss what took place:
A. Handler errors?
B. Dog errors?
C. What may the handler have done to save points, if possible?
5. The NEW (May 1st, 2018) exercises, (2) Novice, (2) Open, will be gone over thoroughly as we cover the Novice & Open exercises in that order.

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