Animal Chiropractic

Massage Therapy

The benefits that dogs get from pet massage are similar to the benefits humans get. We have evidence pet massage affects mood, chronic anxieties, such as dog and food aggression and separation issues.
We know competition dogs have better times and less injuries when they get pet massage. We’ve seen young dogs who are exhibiting growing pains find relief and old dogs, who can barely move, rise up and dance around like puppies


Massage increases and balances the circulation of all the fluids in the body. This includes blood, lymph, cerebral spinal fluid, interstitial fluids, cellular fluid, saliva, urine, synovial fluid, the fluid in the eyeballs and even the oily wetness on your dog’s nose–that’s a lot of fluids. The way fluids move in the dog’s body is different.
Dogs do not perspire through their skin (largest organ of the body). They have a different system of temperature control than we humans. The closest they come to perspiration is wicking off heat through the evaporation of their saliva and release of moisture from between the pads of their paws. Dogs get sweaty palms, too. Mostly, temperature is controlled through conduction. When dogs are hot, they lay on the cool ground. When they are cold, they retain their body heat by curling up into a ball.
They Heal Themselves
Pet massage supports the balance and circulation of fluids within the fascia. The movement of water within the tissues controls the temperatures throughout their bodies, including core temperatures, organ temperatures, as well as temperatures of the skin and superficial muscles.
The normal wear and tear of muscles, tendons, ligaments, skin and fascia that dogs have from romping and playing keep their bodies in a constant state of self-repair and maintenance. Dogs, like humans, have the innate ability to heal themselves for most conditions.
Dogs, like humans, sometimes need external touch and support to re-establish balance.


Swedish/Deep Tissue
1 1/2 hour $80
1 hour $55
1/2 hour $30
Reiki included at no additional charge
Hot Stone Massage
1 1/2 hour $85
Aroma Touch
Humans & Animals - $10 plus time
K-9 Massage
per min. $1
Equine Massage
1 hour $60
Infrared pictures $10

Chair massage
Large Animal
Small Animal
Wellness Advocate for doTerra aromatherapy
Light therapy 
Karen Briskey, LMT, SAMT, LAMT
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