Kathy Weaver, CPDT-KA, CTDI, RFE-CI

Kathy has instructed training classes and competed in a variety of dog sports for over 40 years. A member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and the Pet Professional Guild, she stays abreast of advances in training methods by attending training seminars and workshops each year with internationally recognized canine behaviorists and trainers.

Kathy is a sub-contractor training under the business name " Good Time Canines", UBI #: 600-085-111

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More about Kathy

Kathy currently competes with her Belgian Tervuren and Parson Russell Terrier in canine musical freestyle, Rally Freestyle Elements, and nose work.

In her classes, Kathy shares her practical training knowledge and enthusiasm for tricks, performance dog sports and nose work. Her training methods are based on positive reinforcement techniques. Kathy’s primary goals are to strengthen the relationship students have with their dogs and to help them achieve their objectives. Kathy challenges students to be creative in their training and, most importantly, to enjoy working with their dogs. Her motto is “Every training session should be a good time for you and your canine.”

 To view her upcoming classes please click here or copy and paste this link http://goodtimecanines.com/classes.htm

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