"Begin with a common sense approach to dog obedience" - Larry and Dana Babb

Genius Puppy | Pre-Basic Obedience

For the 4-6 month old Puppy -Puppies mature and learn at different rates. This class gives you a little extra time to help your puppy prepare for Basic Obedience class and includes continuing skills, fun, and games to grow the attention span of young dogs - this class is to help your puppy grow more confidant with the basic commands.

This course is 6 weeks, one hour per week.  If you miss a class, jump in on another one for that lesson or contact your instructor.  

Below is the available classes for each instructor.  Check them both out to find a course suited for your schedule.

Prerequisite: Up to date on vaccinations
Puppies between the ages of 10 weeks - 4 months should check out the Puppy Kindergarten Class

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