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Not-So-Stupid Pet Tricks amaze and amuse all of your friends and family with all the tricks your dog knows! This six-week class is loads of fun for the whole family. You will learn techniques to teach your pet a variety of fun and useful tricks, which may include Fetch my slippers, Shut the door, Shake, Wave, Rollover, and Take a bow, to how to teach Soccer, Flying Disk and other Catching and Fetching games!


This class we will focus on the following Tricks:
• Basic Obedience 
• Touch
• Crawl
• Pedestal (place)
• Push-ups
• Spin/Turn
• Hand Signals 

• EXTRA CREDIT: Leave-it Challenge 
Please be sure to bring with your dog to class: 
• Lots of small soft treats
• Treat Bag
• 6-foot Leash
• Flat or Martingale style collar
• Clicker.

This class is part one of two. At the end of class 102 we will be testing for your Novice Tricks Title (NTD) there is a min of 15 tricks your dog will need to perform in order to get its NTD title. We will be prepping and reviewing these tricks throughout class. 

Tuition: $175.00

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