Diane Porter

Diane has been teaching K9 Nose Work classes at Paws-Abilities for six years and teaches on Mondays and Fridays. She currently holds Nose Work titles on all her dogs and is an AKC Scent Work Judge.

Diane is a sub-contractor working under the business name Scentsability Nose Work Training, UBI #: 

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Diane's Bio:

Diane first became interested in Nose Work when a friend showed her an article in the Whole Dog Journal in 2009. She took her first introduction to Nose Work seminar with Ron Gaunt in January 2010. She became a Certified Nose Work Instructor in June 2011. She has been teaching at Paws-Abilities Total Dog Training Center in Fife, WA for the past six years. She has been teaching classes that range from Introduction to Nose Work to Competitive Nose Work classes.   

Diane has put on multiple Odor Recognition Tests (ORT) at Paws-Abilities. She has been a judge and a Certified Official for these tests. She has volunteered at numerous Nose Work trials in the past seven years. Doing every conceivable job from Judge’s Assistant to Gate Stewarding.

 She’s been doing Nose Work with three of her dogs. Mally (a border collie) was in the first NW trial in the Pacific Northwest. He received his NW1 title at that trial along with the coveted “Harry” award for the outstanding rescue dog demonstrating extraordinary ability and spirit of Nose Work. When he was 14 years old she entered Mally in his first and last NW3 trial. This was to be his retirement run for he could not keep up the pace because of his failing legs. He not only won his NW3 title but got 2nd place overall in the trial!

Josie (a golden retriever ) got her Elite title in August 2015 and then got her Elite1 title in September of 2016. She continues to do great sniffing and proved it by getting 7th place out of 38 dogs in the Sniffketeers Elite K9 3-day Scent Detection in Vancouver on November, 2017.

Cinnamon (youngest golden retriever) got her NW3 title with a “Pronounced” designation in Centralia on April 2016, coming in 3rd out of 30 dogs.

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