Dear Santa...Bring me a puppy

Dear Santa: Bring Me a Puppy!

By Dr. Kyshee Hoover

puppy present

Every holiday season, puppies and kittens are wrapped up in gift boxes or dressed in red bows and given as holiday gifts. After all, an adorable, fuzzy puppy perfectly represents the spirit of Christmas! Puppies can capture the innocence, blissful happiness, and unconditional love that the holiday season symbolizes. But before you decide to buy a puppy to give as a gift, there are many factors you should carefully consider.


A puppy is a long-term commitment. When you bring a pet into your family, you and your family members are agreeing to the responsibility of caring for that dog for the rest of his/her life. This is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly. All members of the family should think and talk about what this means. Who will be responsible for the pet's needs: exercise, grooming, feeding, training, health care?

The perfect fit

Every dog or cat is an individual and will have his or her own individual personality. This is why it is important for the entire family to meet the puppy before adoption. Research breed characteristics to find out whether that dog will be a good fit for your family. The right dog for your family will need to get along with all members of the family and should be able to match your energy level. If you are interested in a specific breed of dog, be sure to find out what to expect as far as full-grown size, grooming commitment, general demeanor, and health issues the breed may be predisposed to. The Internet is a great resource and if you have questions, please contact us!

Dollars for doggies

Everyone knows caring for a puppy isn't free, but there can be many unexpected costs during its lifetime. Be prepared not only for the cost of the dog's food but other things such as obedience class, boarding, and veterinary bills. Again, this is when research about dog breeds will be useful, so you know what to expect in the future.

What's best for everyone

So, if you are thinking about getting a Christmas puppy this year, keep these things in mind! If you are determined to adopt or buy a pet during the holiday season, be sure to avoid puppy mill productions and pet stores and instead find a reputable breeder, local shelter, or experienced rescue program. In addition to what is best for the pet, you do not want to send the message to your kids that a puppy can be an impulse decision. It will be just as fun to talk about and make this decision together with your children and, in doing so, teach the importance of a commitment to a family pet.

!and keep in mind!

Did you know that between birth and 6 months of age, a puppy should see a veterinarian at least 6 times? This is when the the puppy will get a full vaccine series, microchip, deworming, fecal analysis to check for intestinal parasites, and get spayed or neutered. If your family is bringing a new pet into the household, please inquire about our Healthy Start Puppy/Kitten Packages.
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