Christina Bunn

Owner and master trainer of Puget Sound Detection Dogs. Christina evaluated and trained hundreds of canines in detection dog training for over 17 years. She has been a Nose Work instructor and NACSW trial judge for the past six years. She was honored to judge at the first National NACSW trial in 2013 and to instruct at the first K9 Nose Work camp in the Pacific Northwest. 

#1 Workshop 8:00 AM-12:00 PM 

AKC will be having their Scent Work trials in October. Be prepared for doing the Buried searches and the Handler Discrimination. 
Handler Discrimination - Christlna will be working with the Novice and the Advanced level dogs. Make sure your dogs know your scent before signing up for this workshop! In the Novice level an article such as a cotton 
glove or cotton sock with your scent on them will do. In the Advanced level you must use cotton balls or cotton swabs. Plus your dogs will learn to ignore an article scented by the judge o.e. Christina!). 
Buried Searches - The Buried searches simulates the task of Human Remains Dogs to search for scents buried under the ground. Novice and Advanced Buried searches will be done in plastic bins. Birch and Anise scents will be used (depending on leveQ and it'll be buried from 2 .. to 4" down (depending on leveQ. The Advanced level will have a non-food distractor in one of the bins. 
4 Novice workings dogs and 4 Advanced working dogs and unlimited auditing spots wfll be available! Remember ... An auditor gets to watch ALL the dogs and ask questions tool 
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#2 Workshop 1 :00 PM-5:00 PM 

Sniffing Dog Sports and United States Canine Scent Sports are a f􀁵 of the new venues ttlat offer games as part of their repertoire. LudicrouSpeed, Heap O' Hides, Extreme Sniffing and Distance Handling are just a few of the games offered. Is there a stiategy for winning the games? Come and find out!
8 working Dogs plus unlimited auditing spots will be available. 
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