The Benefits of Owner-Trained Service Dogs Are Unbeatable!

Autism Service Dogs

The sense of safety and companionship that service dogs provide can be very beneficial to children and adults on the autistic spectrum. 

Many people, specifically children on the spectrum, tend to have issues with social pragmatics. Service dogs are great in these situations, serving as a social bridge or barrier depending on the type of help needed.

Over the years, many people have discovered that working with their service animal increases their ability to interact with others. 

In some cases, children who have had troubles with speech found themselves suddenly capable of giving commands to their service dogs and speaking entire phrases. 

In fact, this progress can lead to improved communication with parents, siblings, and others within the social circle.

Service dog training can also help individuals with speaking disabilities. 

Successful communication can be achieved through hand and body signals, providing a more comfortable way for those individuals to express themselves to their canine partner.

Overall, when an autistic person has a service dog, that person tends to be more at ease in most situations. 

The therapeutic effects of service dog training have been shown to lessen the frequency and severity of sensory meltdowns. 

Autistic service dogs have the ability to be trained to stop a person from self-harm and repetitious behavior. They are taught to kiss, cuddle, nudge, and calm their partner.

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Service Dogs Can Be Trained To Help With:

  • Sleep issues
  • Deep pressure issues
  • Wandering
  • Social space issues
  • Sensory calming events
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