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Larry and Dana Babb founded Paws-Abilities Dog Training in 1981. They spent 20 years training dogs in the Tukwila area. 

After Larry passed away in 2008, their daughter Jennifer came onboard and joined the family business. 

After two years, a decision was made to shut down the Tukwila Center and start over with a new and improved concept, and Paws-Abilities, aka Paws-Abilities Total Dog Center, was born (a center focusing on Dana's Service Dog Program).

Larry had a dream of being able to help every family, rich or poor, have a well-trained dog. Dana had the special talent of teaching dogs to enable them to help mentally and physically disabled persons. 

Jennifer fulfilled her parents' dreams and created a "Community Center" for dogs and their families. 

Before her involvement with Paws-Abilities, Jennifer's career included tenures as an event coordinator for a County Parks and Recreation and an Administrative Assistant to the director of a major hospital. 

With these combined skills, the love from her community, and the love and support from her children, Jennifer opened Paws-Abilities Total Dog Center in Fife. She was awarded the City of Fife's Dream Followers.

This new location offers all positive method trainers a place to impart their expertise and training to anyone who wants to train, practice, or take care of their dog. 

With the help of local trainers, practitioners, and pet businesses offering services at affordable prices, Paws-Abilities has truly set itself apart from other operators.

We are excited to announce that a brand new three-floor training area has been added to our facility. 

Brightly lit, the facility spans more than 8,000 sq. ft. and is completely dedicated to dog training and sports. 

Dogs and puppies (and their owners) have always loved the positive methods and behavior modification classes available at Paws-Abilities, and now they've got more space than ever.

We'd also like to note that our popular puppy and dog training classes are flexibly scheduled and can always be tweaked to accommodate your personal schedules. 

If you live anywhere in Western Washington, you'll definitely want to bring your dog to Paws-Abilities. We hope to hear from you soon!

Paws-Abilities consists of local small businesses and subcontractors. If you are a trainer or practitioner looking for a place to practice, call Jennifer at 253-922-4271 today.

  • UBI #: 603-097-455
  • EIN #: 80-0700858
  • DUNS #: 968026323
  • Re-seller Permit #: A23 3223 13
  • TDAA Host #: C13001
  • Jennifer: Notary Commission #148589,  Signing Agent Certified

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